Your baby’s first visit to the dentist is another milestone in their young lives. It’s the opportunity to learn all about pediatric dental care and ensure your child’s teeth and gums are healthy and developing well. As a new parent, it’s natural to want to learn as much as possible about the pediatric dental treatment process, so the team at Glow Pediatric Dentistry is here to offer our guide to preparing for your baby’s first dentist appointment.

Plan the Appointment According to Their Feeding Schedule

Consider your baby’s sleep and feeding schedule as much as possible when making the appointment with your pediatric dentist. Ensure the dentist visit fits in with their sleep routine and that they’re well-rested and relaxed. Not only will this help ensure they are more responsive during the appointment, it will also ensure you can focus on the information the dentist provides.

Bring a Favourite Toy and Blanket

Take the time to gather your child’s favorite toys and a blanket ready for the appointment. Having a familiar toy to play with will help keep them entertained and relaxed and show them that the pediatric dental office is a safe environment. A blanket can help soothe them while you wait for your appointment and comfort them with a familiar smell and texture.

Role Play the Process with Your Child

Children learn through play and tactile experiences. Take time before your child’s first dental visit to simulate the exam experience. Have them practice opening their mouths a few times so they become comfortable with the feeling of having a hand touching their teeth and gums. For a toddler’s first visit to the dentist, read through a picture book with them after you practice the visit and explain a little more about what to expect at the office.

Collect Your Child’s Health History

One of the first questions your child’s dental clinic team will ask is whether you have the child’s health history. They might also ask you about your family health history to identify any specific oral health issues relatives have experienced that might be hereditary. Speak with your doctor before the dentist visit and collect as much relevant documentation as you can to give your pediatric dentist the ideal foundation for their treatment plans.

Plan Your Questions

The day of the first visit to the dentist will be busy, and you may not think of questions on the spot during your baby’s first appointment. Spend a few minutes before visiting the dental clinic to plot out your questions. Then bring a notepad and pen to record the answers your dentist provides. You can then refer back to this information for future appointments.

Potential questions to consider include:


  • What toothpaste should I use, and how much?

  • Are there any concerns you have about my child’s baby teeth development?

  • In general, what are the phases of oral care for babies?

  • Can you show me how to brush my child’s teeth?

  • Do you offer emergency dental services if my child needs urgent treatment?

Prepare Your Child for a Lifetime of Ideal Oral Health with Glow Pediatric Dentistry

Glow Pediatric Dentistry is here to offer your child the ultimate in safe, high-quality oral care experiences. With a skilled team trained in communicating with children and highly experienced pediatric dentists, we offer exceptional pediatric dental care to families throughout Richmond, Langley, and the surrounding communities.

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