Still, how much radiation is it?

Every day, we’re exposed to some level of background radiation, whether it be from the sun, cell phones or plane rides. The effect of radiation on the body is measured in mSv (millisieverts). An average person living in North America is exposed to about 6.2mSv annually. Here are some fun safety facts about dental x-rays at Glow:

With our digital technology, one dental x-ray exposes you to 0.001mSv

This is equivalent to:

  • Eating 10 bananas
  • Two hours of just living in North America
  • A 15-minute airplane ride

In comparison, getting a medical chest CT scan exposes you to 7mSv, equivalent to the radiation exposure of eating 70,000 bananas!

What are the most common types of dental x-rays?

Bitewing x-rays are used for assessing in between areas of teeth where eyesight can’t reach. They’re usually taken after the spacing between the molars become closed. Dr. Fran looks for cavities, health of nerve, roots, bone and developing adult teeth.

After the eruption of a few adult teeth, we may recommend a panoramic x-ray. It takes a picture of the entire mouth over a few seconds. Panoramic x-rays are great at tracking down the growth and development of adult teeth and help us decide the need and timing of your child’s treatment.