Breastfeeding provides a multitude of physical and emotional benefits to both child and mom. Nursing itself doesn’t cause dental cavities but combined with the introduction of solid food, it can lead to problems. Get into the habit of wiping your child’s gums and teeth after each nursing session from an early age to obtain optimal oral hygiene. After your baby turns one, we recommend that nursing is done at scheduled times rather than on-demand and that you start weaning your child from nighttime nursing sessions.


Formula, cow or goat milk can easily cause dental cavities if left sitting on the surfaces of teeth for an extended time. It’s vital to start developing the habit of wiping or brushing the teeth, gums and tongue after each feeding, especially at nighttime. Extended bottle use can cause dental decay and also lead to deviations in dental or jaw development. Starting at age one, we recommend transitioning to regular cups. If your child is strongly attached to drinking milk from a bottle, try diluting it with water. Ask Dr. Fran and staff for other helpful tips.