The Canadian Dental Association recommends children see dentists before they turn 12 months old or within six months of their first tooth erupting. These early childhood dental visits form a critical foundation for your child’s oral health during their development years. Within this latest post, we’ll explain in more detail the benefits that early childhood dental visits can offer your child.

Become Comfortable at the Dental Office

These early childhood dental office visits help your child acclimatize to the dental treatment space and become more comfortable with the dentist and their team. Spending just a few minutes at the office undergoing an exam can help show even young infants the dental office is a safe and welcoming space for treatment.

Provide a Foundation for Your Child’s Dental Treatment Plans

During these early childhood visits to the dentist, the dentist can examine your child’s teeth and gums and closely monitor their development. During examinations the dentist will look for problematic signs, such as discolouration and swelling, which may require further analysis. Pinpointing potential issues early in your child’s development can make future treatment less complicated and more effective.

Teach Young Children Healthy Habits

As children learn to communicate, your pediatric dentist can help them develop oral health habits that will protect their teeth and gums as they grow into adulthood. Pediatric dentists like those at the Glow Pediatric Dentistry offices train to communicate effectively with young children and help teach them how to brush, recognize a problem with their teeth or gums, and what to expect as they grow older.

Work with Parents on Oral Health Plans

Your local pediatric dentist is a crucial support resource as your child grows. Working with them early in your child’s development can help ensure you have a specialist to lean on when you have questions about oral health development and the various growth stages. It will also ensure that should your child require urgent dental care, there’s a specialist available your child knows and who you can trust to provide the highest quality pediatric dental services on short notice.

Creating a Baseline for Your Child’s Teeth and Gum Health

When you work with a pediatric dentist from the very early stages of your child’s life, their team will have all the data regarding your child’s baseline level of dental health. Using this baseline as a treatment support resource can help you and your dentist determine when treatment is needed and pre-empt potentially serious oral health concerns.

The Glow Pediatric Dentistry Difference

Our team at Glow Pediatric Dentistry has an unparalleled reputation for quality of care and personal service. We understand the importance of our role in your child’s life, and we work tirelessly to protect children and their oral health as well as ensure children enjoy their visit to the dental office. 

Whether it’s booking same-day appointments for patients with urgent oral health issues, helping support patients with dental anxiety, or getting a smile with balloon animals after our treatment work, Glow makes patient comfort a priority.

Begin your child’s oral health journey with Glow Pediatric Dentistry, and discover the benefits first-class pediatric dental care can bring to their young lives. We offer convenient locations across LangleyRichmond, and Abbotsford for families across the region. Call your local office today to book your child’s introductory appointment!