Most parents know to schedule their child for a pediatric dentist appointment at least once every six months to maintain optimal oral health. However, choosing when to book intervening appointments can be difficult. When is a toothache something more problematic? And what are the signs it’s time to book a pediatric dentist appointment?

Within this post, our pediatric dentistry team will explain several common signs it’s time to book an upcoming appointment with your pediatric dentist.

Increased Sensitivity to Hot and Cold Drinks

Increased temperature sensitivity is a clear warning sign that your child either has a cavity or has some form of tooth decay. If you notice your child is in pain after drinking hot or cold drinks, book an appointment with your pediatric dentist to determine the source of this increase in sensitivity and review potential treatment options.

Excessive and Persistent Gum Bleeding

A small amount of pink water when brushing is a common occurrence. But if your child is experiencing considerable bleeding, it could indicate a tooth infection and other more serious oral health conditions. Apply pressure to the area with a damp rag or paper towel. And then, once the bleeding slows or stops, make a dental appointment so your dentist can run a few diagnostic tests.

Stained, Discoloured Teeth

Children of all ages can experience tooth stains and discolouration. While you should ensure you approach your child sensitively about any changes to the look of their teeth, you might wish to review their oral health care regimen and book an upcoming appointment with the pediatric dentist to see if there are any hidden issues behind the change in the appearance of your child’s teeth.

Swollen Gums

If your child has swollen gums and is experiencing pain when they chew, they may have an abscess that requires urgent removal by a pediatric dentist. Further signs of an abscess include a bad taste in the mouth and a fever. Speak with your local pediatric dentist if you believe your child has an abscess, and ask for their immediate recommendations and available appointments.

Injuries to the Gums that Don’t Heal

It’s common for children to experience gum injuries. Children often experience gum cuts and grazes while playing with friends or enjoying sports over a weekend. But when your child complains of a gum injury, take the time to check on the area over the next few hours and days to ensure the cut heals.

Sometimes, cuts can become infected. Speak with a pediatric dentist if you notice any changes in the cut’s colour and texture or if the cut doesn’t heal within 3 days after the injury. If your child tells you the pain is developing, call your dentist to discuss appointment options.

Steps a Pediatric Dentist Can Take When You Book an Appointment

A pediatric dentist has the training to identify your child’s oral health issues and explain those issues to you while engaging children in the oral care process.

You can entrust your pediatric dentist to:

Promptly Diagnose Your Child’s Dental Issue

From digital X-rays to visual inspections, pediatric dentists have a number of tools they can use to quickly and effectively pinpoint your child’s dental problem to initiate treatment as soon as possible.

Offer Treatment Options Specifically for Your Child

Depending on the complexity of your child’s oral health problem, your pediatric dentist should be able to offer a number of treatment options tailored specifically to your child’s needs.

Explain Any Issues to You

Pediatric dentists have the training and professional background to communicate with parents and children as they carry out treatment. They can help explain how your child’s concern began and the best ways to prevent any problems from recurring.

Ensure Your Child is Comfortable Throughout

Your pediatric dentist and their team train to help children stay comfortable as they undergo treatment. They’ll present you and your child with options for dental sedation, including oral-conscious sedation and laughing gas, which both help reduce anxiety and ensure the ideal treatment experience.

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