A pediatric dental emergency can be traumatic for both you and your child. Preparing for a pediatric dental emergency and knowing the steps to take beforehand can help you stay calm, focused, and ready to guide your child through the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery phases.

With that in mind, below are the steps to take in a kids’ dental emergency.

Kids’ Dental Emergency Examples and Recommended Steps

The steps to take in a child’s dental emergency depend primarily on the extent of the injury and the type of injury they’re experiencing. Below are several examples of a dental emergency and the steps to help your child.

Steps to Take if Your Child Cracks a Tooth

  1. Immediately Rinse the Mouth with Warm Water

  2. Place a Cold Compress on the Affected Area to Minimize Swelling

  3. Call Your Local Pediatric Dentist for an Examination and Diagnosis

Steps to Take If Your Child Loses a Tooth

  1. Stop the Bleeding by Placing a Cold Compress on the Affected Area of the Gums

  2. Call a Pediatric Dentist Immediately (After An Hour, the Chances of Successfully Re-Integrating the Tooth Reduce Significantly)

  3. Try to Place the Tooth Back in the Socket, Holding the Tooth by the Crown (The Top of the Tooth)

  4. If Your Child is in Too Much Pain, or You Cannot Place the Tooth Back in the Socket, Find the Lost Tooth and Place it in Milk in a Sealed Container Before Visiting a Pediatric Dentist.

Steps to Take If Your Child Has a Tongue or Lip Bite Injury

  1. First, Clean the Area with Warm Water. Then Apply a Cold Compress

  2. Remove Any Dust or Dirt if the Injury is the Result of a Fall

  3. Give Your Child an Ice Pop or Ice Cube to Suck On to Reduce Swelling

  4. Check the Area over Several Hours and Visit a Local Pediatric Dentist if the Cut Continues Bleeding

Steps to Take If Your Child Suffers a Suspected Broken Jaw

  1. Visit an Emergency Room Immediately If Your Child is Unable to Open Their Jaw and Has Severe Pain Behind the Ears and Broken Teeth

  2. Place a Cold Compress and/or Ice on the Jaw Until You’re Able to See a Medical Professional

  3. Wrap a Bandage Under the Child’s Chin and Over the Top of the Head to Minimize Movement

Steps to Take if Your Child Has Severe Tooth Pain

  1. Provide a Child-Safe Pain Relief Option Such as Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen

  2. Hold an Ice Pack Against the Pain Site for Several Periods of Ten-to-Fifteen Minutes

  3. Call a Pediatric Dentist if Pain Does Not Subside Within 24 Hours

Tips for Preparing for a Pediatric Dental Emergency

Your role as a parent in a dental emergency is to help keep your child calm and protect them before they can see a pediatric dentist. Below are a few actions you can take that will help prepare for a potential emergency:

  • Place a List of Emergency Pediatric Dental Care Providers on Your Fridge
  • Bring an Emergency Kit with You When You Travel and Include Gauze Pads, Tweezers, Pain Relief Medications, and a Phone Number for Your Local Pediatric Dentist
  • At Your Next Pediatric Dentist Appointment, Ask Your Dentist About Other Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Child

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